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Helpful Hints For Boarding Your Pet   

Helpful Hints for Boarding You Pet

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A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to guarantee a reservation for your pet. To best serve all customers, we require a minimum 48-hour notification of cancellation or early pickup. Failure to notify us will result in your being billed for the entire scheduled say. This bill must be paid in full before another reservation will be accepted. Your pet is charged a full day when he/she arrives regardless of time. Our check-out time is 12:00 pm. Pets picked up after this time will result in a full day charge.


You are welcome to bring your own food, beds, toys, etc. to make your pet more comfortable while boarding with us; however, some pets may chew their beds, so you may want to bring bedding that you do not need back. Please note that we supply kennel decking-a plastic molded platform constructed for dogs—only. It is not a mat, bed, or cushion. While we have had great success with this product, if your pet is prone to pressure sores or hot spots, we highly recommend that you bring additional bedding.


We feed Blueseal Lamb and Rice and are happy to provide your pet with food during his/her stay. However, changes in food may cause stomach irritation and diarrhea and some pets may prefer to eat their own food. You are welcome to bring a supply of food for your pet’s stay. Please put all food in Tupperware type containers and clearly marked with your pet’s name and your last name.


We will administer medications to your pet at no additional charge. This service is a courtesy, and is not a part of our boarding service. All medications should be clearly marked with instructions for administration. Pets needing medications to sustain life should be boarded at an animal hospital.


Here at McOsker Kennels we groom 7 days a week. When boarding your pet with us for any length of time, we suggest you schedule a grooming appointment for the day of pick up. (It is a good idea to make a grooming appointment for your pet on the day your boarding reservation is made). If your pet is groomed the day of pick-up, you will not be charged for boarding that day. Please call before picking up your pet. We offer a full range of all-natural shampoos, dips, and coat supplies.

Aggressive Pets

If your pet has an aggression problem, you should seek alternate services, such as a pet/house sitter, a veterinarian, or a friend or family member. We do not board or groom aggressive pets.


Many pets become stressed in boarding kennel environments. Common effects of stress are excessive drooling, fatigue, and diarrhea. We can provide you with information to help decrease this problem.

Returning Home

Due to stress and fatigue from activity, your pet may be tired upon returning home. Additionally, many pets drink excessively when they first arrive home. These behaviors are common and normal, but should you become concerned, please feel free to contact us.

At McOsker Kennels we strive to provide the best service for your pet possible. Some pets, however, do not board well, and we are happy to provide you with alternative resources. By signing this notice, you indicate that you have read and agree with the above.